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Kiki Lavigne

Homero Olivetto

Kiki Lavigne has a BA in Anthropology and Cinema from New York University.


In 2002, she completed her MA in Media Studies specializing in management of media companies from the New School University.


She returned to Brazil in 2003, and for seven years she was the head of the domestic department of Columbia / Sony Pictures, where she participated in the development and co-production of outstanding Brazilian productions such as Dois Filhos de FranciscoMeu Nome Não é JohnnyMaior Amor do Mundo among other titles.


In 2012, she joined Conspiração Filmes, where she re-structured the department of development, working on a variety of projects that are now at the fundraising stage.


In September 2014, she made her debut as a producer on the feature film, Holy Biker. The film was one of the top 20 box office successes in 2016.


Kiki is currently developing six feature film projects in partnership with Film2B, and is part of the core creative team of the company.

Homero Olivetto is a filmmaker from São Paulo, who wrote, produced, and directed the film “Holy Biker” (2016), a film set in the northeastern hinterland of Brazil, with seven nominations in the Grand Prize of Brazilian Cinema and winner of the Special Jury Prize in the First Features Competition of the Tallinn International Festival.


Homero directed the films “Amigas de Sorte” (2021) and “Hermanoteu na Terra de Godah” (2022), an adaptation of the successful play by the theater group Os Melhores do Mundo.


As a screenwriter, he wrote “Confessions of a Brazilian Call Girl” (2011), a box office success awarded as the best-adapted screenplay by the Grand Prize of Brazilian Cinema, and the film “Meu Sangue Ferve por Você”, a romantic musical comedy inspired by the life of singer Sidney Magal.

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